February 14th 2010

BIS Judge Mrs Sue McCourt

Results & Photos From The February Show

BIS Horspool's Rotr Celtic Desire Of Adaires (Smooth)
RBIS Thompson-Morgan's Belleville Intuition (Norfolk)
G3 Woodhead's Ch Knowlespring Sunday Best (Skye)
G4 Schoneberg's Diana V.D Schonen Bergen (Wire)

BPIS Woodhead's Knowlespring Dream Cream (Skye)
RBPIS Crawley's Brickin Ready To Rumble At Ragus (Norwich)
G3 Stevenson's Penmire Wild Bramble By Brickin (Norfolk)
G4 Dale & Cooper's Lynnsto Hugo's There (Kerry)



Breed BOB BP
Australian Millvalley The Exciseman -
Airedale Toulsyork Chapter Three -
Bedlington Bisbee Beachcomber Bisbee Beachcomber
Border Eltonfurze Pringle Eltonfurze Pringle
Bull Terrier Activior Grand Finale For Bulian Casodon Cullinan Tristar By Bullambi
Bull Terrier (Miniature) - -
Cairn Spirebrooke Dawn Raider Winetta Miss Independant
Cesky Ridley Pamarka -
Dandie Dinmont - -
Fox Terrier (Smooth) Rotr Celtic Desire Of Adaires *BIS* Sufredon Truely Fair
Fox Terrier (Wire) Diana V.D Schonen Bergen -
Glen Of Imaal - -
Irish Brilliant Mr Sirius At Montelle JW Montelle Star Of The Ring
Kerry Blue Kamaghan Ona Mission To Lynnsto -
Lakeland - -
Manchester Eaglespur Misty Morn -
Norfolk Belleville Intuition Penmire Wild Bramble By Brickin
Norwich Brickin Ready To Rumble At Ragus Brickin Ready To Rumble At Ragus
Parson Russell Ch Pacolito Phirstclass JW Hoolmark Johnny Ringo
Scottish Chatterdale Diablo -
SCWT Loofahsa Scaramouch -
Sealyham Kamryan Hey Look At Me -
Skye Ch Knowlespring Sunday Best Knowlespring Dream Cream
Stafford Albermarbull Blue Progeny Kimstaff Catatonic
Welsh - -
WHWT Karamynd Playing Away At Tomlyndon JW Lizandycris Gamely Chap

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